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Over-Rev History


The Cayman's DME (Digital Motor Electronics) records the number of ignition cycles that occur when the engine speed passes 7,300 RPMs.  It also records the 'hour' of operation in which the incident took place.  These records can be retrieved by using a PIWIS or Durametric Diagnostic Cable.  The information can be used by a Porsche dealer to deny a warranty claim when abuse is the cause, or by a potential buyer to identify abuse of a used Cayman.

There are six ranges of over-revving that are logged by the DME:

Range Engine Speed Comments
1 7,300 - 7,499 RPM Ranges 1 and 2 can be achieved by bumping the rev limiter (more likely if a car driven in Sport Chrono sport mode).  Most dealerships will accept ignition cycles here without denying a warranty claim.  
2 7,500 - 7,699 RPM
3 7,700 - 7,899 RPM This ranges (and beyond) can only be achieved by something mechanically forcing the engine to this speed, like a miss-downshift.  These speeds are pushing the range of physical damage and may result in warranty denial. 
4 7,900 - 8,399 RPM With cycles in this range, it is very likely that the engine has been damaged and will likely suffer a premature death.  Budget for a new engine. This range is considered abuse, so warranty coverage is very unlikely.
5 8,400 - 9,499 RPM An M97 engine will be severely damaged by these engine speeds and will likely have failed as a result. A 9A1 engine is more likely to survive this range but not without damage.
6 9,500 - 11,000 RPM There is almost no chance that this engine is running. The Cayman engines are likely to spin bearings and eat valves at far lower speeds than this. 

Don't be alarmed if you see 1,000 or more cycles in a range.  That sounds like a lot, but keep in mind that a Cayman engine sees 3 ignition cycles per revolution.  You can determine how much time was spent in the range by using the following formula: Time at Over Rev = Ignition Cycles / (RPM/20) .  So, 1,000 cycles would be less than 3 seconds, or more likely, three 1 second bumps into the rev limiter.

It is possible to use aftermarket software to erase over-rev records, so this test should not be used as a definitive or exclusive identifier of abuse.  If buying a used Cayman, a pre purchase inspection conducted by an experienced Porsche repair shop or dealership is a very good idea.

FAQ Information:

This FAQ was written by Gator Bite.
Last Revised: April 2012

Sport Chrono Package

Sport Chrono Package (SC)
By Michael Souza, November 2011

Like PASM, the truth about the Sport Chrono Package has eluded many automotive journalist, many of whom have suggested that this feature is nothing more than an expensive stop watch.  Sport Chrono is much, much more than a watch.

Click image to enlarge.True, the Sport Chrono package does include an analog stopwatch mounted in the center of the dash top.  That stopwatch can be used to time anything, including lap times.  A digital read out of the clock's results can be read in the instrument cluster, which is much easier to read and provides resolution down to 1/100th of a second.  This stopwatch is one of the benefits of the Sport Chrono package, but it's probably the least significant benefit.

Click image to enlarge.Like PASM, Sport Chrono provides a Sport button that lets you have your cake and eat it too.  With the Sport Chrono Sport Mode off, a Cayman is calm and gentle, easy to drive and forgiving.  Turn the Sport Mode on and many characteristics of the car take on an aggressive and sporty feel. Among the changes are (depending on equipment):

  • Improved Throttle Response

  • Increased PSM Intervention Limits

  • The Soft Rev Limiter is replaced with a Hard Rev Limiter proving full power to redline

  • PASM changes to its Sport Mode (if equipped)

  • TipTronic S or PDK switch to sporty shifting maps (if equipped)

  • Porsche Sport Exhaust is changed to its Sport Mode (if equipped)

  • Launch Control (on PDK equipped cars, 2009 - up)

Understanding Rev Limiters:

Copyright Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG July 2006

A rev limiter is a safety device that cuts fuel, ignition or both at a specified RPM to prevent an engine from continuing to rev beyond safe mechanical limits. Because hitting a hard rev limiter can be uncomfortable for the driver and hard on the car, Caymans come with a 'Soft Rev Limiter'. A Soft Rev Limiter reduces power output by adjusting ignition timing as the engine approaches the cut off RPM. As the ignition timing is retarded and power drops off, the resulting feel of power loss signals the driver that it's time to shift. If a driver ignores this, ignition timing is retarded further until the rev limit is reached, at which point the resulting cut off is much 'softer' because the engine is not being cycled on and off between full power and no power.

A Hard Rev Limiter does nothing until the engine reaches the predefined engine speed, at which point fuel and ignition are shut off. This can be very abrupt and hard on the power train as the engine cycles on and off, but this type of rev limiter will provide the most power and acceleration, all the way to redline.  This is how the rev limiter behaves when SC Sport mode is selected.

Sport Chrono Plus Package:

Caymans equipped with the optional Porsche Communication Management (PCM) can be equipped with the "Sport Chrono Plus Package". This is the same as the Sport Chrono package shown above plus extra electronic integration with the PCM display. That integration allows users to record, store and review lap times for each individual driver.

Click image to enlarge.

Sport Plus Mode:

Click image to enlarge.Not to be confused with the Sport Chrono Plus Package, Sport Plus mode is an extra Sport Chrono mode available only on Caymans that are equipped with Sport Chrono and PDK.  When Sport Plus mode is selected, the PDK transmission will deliver the following enhancements:

  • 1st Gear is always used from a stop

  • 7th Gear will NOT be selected at any time

  • Upshifts are not delivered until 7,300 RPM

  • Downshifts are delivered at 4,500 RPM

This shift strategy provides lightning fast full performance shifting that would be impossible to duplicate with any other technology.  This is ideal for performance or track driving.  Set the Sport Plus Mode, forget about shifting and focus on your turn in and braking points.


Using the Sport Chrono sport mode increases your chances of hitting the rev limiter as the hard rev limiter gives no warning that you are reaching the top of the rev range.


  • Sport Chrono Package

    • Option Code: 639

    • Price: $920 (2006-2008), $960 (2009-up)

  • Sport Chrono Plus Package

    • Option Code: 640

    • Price: $920 (2006-2008), $960 (2009-up)

More Information:

discussion  for "Chrono" and show that contain results, or for current pricing and more information visit the Porsche website.

*Photographs and Videos property of Porsche AG, used under license by the PCA Cayman Register.

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